I like words.
Words are fun to use.
Use many big words, people think you smart.

For many of us, trying to expand upon our own paltry lexicon is akin to changing ones palate.
You can keep fitting the same, bland words onto your tongue, or you can expand on your potential, by learning new and wonderful words every day.

Remember those ‘Word-A-Day’ calendars?
Those were always fun to not only capture a new word a day, but to also pass the piece of paper around the office so that everyone could partake in knowledge.
These days things like ‘paper calendars’ ‘sharing’, and ‘people in the office’ might seem liek foreign phrases, but trust me…they were true.

Whenever I find new, and fun words…I try them out on my daughter.
I find that by using big words correctly, it inspires a child to learn them in order to keep up.
This works best when they want something.
A child on a mission will do anything that they can to convince you to ‘get something’, but if you keep that conversation verbose, you’ll have a child that is constantly looking words up.
Job done.

What I like about the selection of words below, is that I didn’t know ALL of them.
I knew most of them, but sometimes that’s not enough.

How many of these words do you know?

What’s your favourite word?
Which one word do you scream out when you’re angry?