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Pub Quiz 3

Bored at home?
Luckily I have been making pub quizzes every day of this stinking virus, so that you don’t have a mental breakdown!
Ok, not just you…I’m getting a bit squirrely myself!

Which is why I have been cranking out quizzes!

This quiz

Joaquin Phoenix Quiz

What do you know about the Joker? Can you name a Joaquin Phoenix movie from just the image?

That’s the quiz at hand folks, try to guess all 20 of his films in this quiz from a single image. To

Bad Sexy Albums

What makes a sexy album cover? Well, having a sexy band helps, but also some vision as to how the band is going to look and be portrayed.
I mean, you spend all of this time and life force into creating

Cameron Diaz Quiz

Cameron Diaz. The object of my 90s crush, and a truly magnetic Hollywood star.
But how much do you really know about her?
Can you name some of the biggest movies she has been in?
Then take my Cameron Diaz quiz and see

Denzel Washington Quiz

What do you know about the great Denzel Washington?
A hell of an actor, cool guy, and bonafide legend.
But how many of his movies can you name?

Take my tough as nuts quiz and see how many films you can guess correctly

Actor-Role Quiz

Actor-Role Quiz

Pretty straight forward quiz for you, although I have to admit this one gets a bit tough because there is two parts to this quiz.

First you have to figure out who the actor is, then you have to guess

Best Movies 2019 Quiz

Best Movies 2019 Quiz

What were the best movies of 2019? If you ask me, the best were not totally included in this list.
But some lefty, UK newspaper complied their list of the best flicks form the year, so I gracefully

Christmas Toy Quiz

What are the best Christmas toys ever?
It’s quite a subjective question really, as to some kids growing up-the box it came in might have provided more joy than the actual toy itself.
As a kid growing up in rural Canada, I

Stupid Economy

Economics…blah blah blah.
If you’re a brokeass like me, watching the economy or making frugal economic decisions is not even warranted, when you have no money that get in the game.
It’s why when I read the newspaper (oldie!) I see things

Mr. Rogers Porn

There’s a new Mr. Rogers movie coming out.

If you haven’t see the trailer, it features everyone’s most lovely actor-Tom Hanks in the titular role as everyone’s favourite morning kids host.

Mr. Rogers was an American institution.
Every morning he greeted PBS kids

Jukebox the Ghost

Everybody’s Lonely indeed. But this band makes the thought of isolation seem toe-tapping.
Let me introduce you to one of my fave bands, Jukebox the Ghost.
Kicking since 2003, they first came onto my radar around 2008 with ‘Long Live the Ghosts.’

Halloween Movie Quiz

Boo! It’s time for a Halloween Movie Quiz to scare the pants off of you. How many of these horror films can you name?
There are always the yearly faves of Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13ths, and all of

Christmas Party Quiz

Why have a regular, boring old Holiday Party, when you can have an interactive video quiz party?
That’s right my ho-ho-ho’s, I have created some very cool and nifty Holiday party quizzes, and I can host them at your office, or

Zombie Movie Quiz

Do you have any brains left?
How many Zombie movies can you name from a still from the film?
Will you be able to chop off all the heads of the undead, or will they eat your brains?
Empty out the cemetary of


I haven’t seen Joker….yet.
Combine a busy schedule, live streaming at home Netflix, and not being one of those ‘jump on the hype’ guys, I have yet to go watch it.
Ok-full disclosure-I am waiting until my local theatre brings back their

Indie Tunes

I am HUGE into music. If you know me you know that, & if you don’t here we go.

I won my first radio contest when I was 10, and my sister used my fast digits to repeat dial a radio

Football Movie Quiz

What do you know about football movies?

Can you name the best NFL themed movies on ‘Any Given Sunday’ to snag that ‘Longest Yard’ or are you ‘The Waterboy’? Take this NFL themed quiz -& see how many top flicks you

Lightning Strike

It’s a lovely day in Texas, and you’re walking your dog-having a gay old time.

Then suddenly-boom-pop-pow, you go down.

Well that’s what happened to this dude when he was walking his dogs in the rain.

You can see the bolt hit behind

Bill Murray Quiz

Bill Murray is one of the greatest comedic actors of our generation.
Even calling him a ‘comedy genius’ is a bit light, because Bill has also turned in some wonderful dramatic performances as well.
What is your favourite Bill Murray movie?

When I

Caddyshack Quiz

Caddyshack is one of the all time classic comedy movies.

What makes it great is the genius script, talented cast, and frivolity of the 80s.
Let’s be honest, there is no way that film could get made today.
Gratuitous titties, poop jokes, child

NHL Legends Quiz

The NHL is back! And every puckhead around the world is giddy with excitement over the new season!
Some of the greats will hit the ice around North America this season, to kick off another great round of hockey between legendary