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Reach for the Top

I was a member of the Reach for the Top team that won the Ontario provincial championships. There, I bragged about it. For those of you who don’t know, reach for the top is a Canadian high school quiz series,

Fun Facts-1

The world is full of knowledge, it all depends on how full your cup is! Are you ready for some more fun facts that will blow your brain? I’ve chosen a few fun facts here for you, so that you

Toothless Celebrities

Meth is a hell of a drug. Not saying that any of the celebrities in this quiz are meth-heads, but it might explain why their teeth are missing!
Joking aside, I thought it might be fun to compile a quiz of

Best Songs of 2020-2

Ok, so I’m back with some more great songs I found in 2020, and I thought I would add them to another post about the Best Songs 2020. This bunch of songs has a bit more hip hop and pep

UK Pub Quiz

Do you like pub quizzes and fun facts? Then you’re in the right place for that! My UK Pub Quiz Facebook page is full of fun daily facts, and things that will continually amaze you. As of right now the

Best Songs of 2020-1

I’m a big music geek. Loads of my friends get a yearly dose of the best songs I collect and curate over the year, and I whack them all with a wicked playlist of my fave ditties for a year.

Pexachu vs Godzilla

As many of you know, I am a massive nerd. I’m actually such a nerd that people comment it on it almost immediately upon meeting me. Perhaps it’s my love of fun facts which I introduce to a new person,

Pub Quiz 3

Bored at home?
Luckily I have been making pub quizzes every day of this stinking virus, so that you don’t have a mental breakdown!
Ok, not just you…I’m getting a bit squirrely myself!

Which is why I have been cranking out quizzes!

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