It’s me, Wade!


April Tuneage

OK, so I kind of slipped up in posting about some of my fave tunes for April, so I am going to add a few in here for your consideration. Lockdown has been a dick punch for many artists, performers,

Free Pub Quiz 1

Many people have been asking what happened to the fun, free pub quizzes I was releasing on my YouTube channel. In short 2020 happened. Although my gumption was propelling me to create a new video every day, sadly I needed

Fun Facts

Knowledge is an impressive thing. Being able to bust out some trinkets of wisdom, fun factoids, or imparting wisdom on those who need it most. Or maybe you just like these things to blab on to strangers when you're alone,

Musically March

Lockdown might be fleeting, but great music lasts forever. Who I am kidding-lockdown does feel like it will last forever. No pandemic has lasted less than 5 years, and if we think that a vaccine made in 5 weeks is

Roast Me

When's the last time someone burned you? Not physically, but mentally torched your soul with a putdown so severe, your friends contemplated calling in the burn unit? As a comedian, I have had the privilege of scorching idiots in the