2020 has been a punch in the funbags.
The world got cancelled (as did many public figures).

As a pub quizmaster, it’s been tough to watch the world implode, and pubs lose their very livelihood.
Rolling up to a pub on quiz night brought with it an anticipation of euphoria, knowing that a fun night of brain challenges and crowd dynamics was ahead.
Fun questions, a ribald audience, and of course a winning team.

It’s been almost 18 months since my last pub quiz, and I am starting to get the shakes.
I miss being able to plug and play one of my interactive quizzes, so that audiences could play along.
If you haven’t been to one of my London quizzes, they are very unique and easy to play.
Just watch the screen, and answer along.

To quell my boredom, and give back to the UK pub community, I have created a series of interactive, video quizzes for you to play along with.
There are 5 quizzes in total, each of them lasting about an hour each.
Each quiz is 40 questions in length, and is comprised of traditional pub quiz questions, as well as a healthy dose of visual and pop culture questions.
All you have to do is hit ‘play’, and invite others to play along.

I created these quizzes in hopes that pubs/ bars or groups could use them to get punters back into the pubs, and playing quizzes again.
They are FREE, and set up as a regular pub quiz, so hopefully it should be an easy solution for pubs and pub quiz fans alike.

Pub Quiz 1

The first of the pub quizzes, it was my first attempt at rocking this format.
It’s a great intro to the nature of these quizzes, and once again…it’s free to play.
The answers appear at the end of round 1, and the end of the quiz.

Pub Quiz 2

Did you do well in the PQ1? Great stuff! Now take a gander at PQ2 and see how you do.
Again, the answers are built into the quiz, and you can download the answer sheet at the bottom of this page.

Pub Quiz 3

Third time is a charm, in another FREE pub quiz for anyone out there looking for a good time.
You don’t have to be a pub to play these quizzes! Feel free to challenge your friends to see how you do.

Pub Quiz 4

Hopefully, you’re getting pretty good at these quizzes by now. In this fourth installment, the questions are a wee bit more difficult, but just as free.
Which quiz do you like the best?

Pub Quiz 5

The final installment in this series, I hope that this quiz gives you a bit of closure, or fun. Whichever.
Once again, the answer sheet is below, so just copy off that bad boy, and you’re ready to play.

That’s it for this selection of FREE Pub Quizzes.
If you would like a personalized pub quiz, or something a little more bespoke, get in touch.
I like making quizzes, and I can create something unique for whatever occasion or contest arrives.

Answer Sheet