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The world is still simmering from the fire of Covid-19.
Bars & pubs are slowly returning to normal after a dick punch from the virus, while those who entertain in the clubs of the world are wondering what performance will be like once things start to build up.

London is estimated to have lost just over 2 million residents in 2020-2021.
That’s right 2 million.
Brexit is thought to have cost London just over 700,000 banking jobs that have either been cut, or shuffled to Europe.
European citizens have also returned to their homelands in droves thanks to Brexit, a return in vitality of their home economy, and the difficulty in navigating a new Britain.

As a quizmaster, while pubs are slowly returning to normal, slowly is the operative word.
Thus I have created a series of pub quizzes for everyone to share!

Each quiz times out at over an hour, so that pubs can either click on this video, or you can play with friends and family at home.
Quizzes are interactive, and comprise 40 questions of varying difficulty.
Don’t be a cheater-nobody likes that.

Here is the Free Pub Quiz 3-as well as a standard pdf answers sheet, so that you can print this off and play with your friends.

If you would like your own custom quiz, just get in contact and I would be happy to make one for you.