Knowledge is an impressive thing.
Being able to bust out some trinkets of wisdom, fun factoids, or imparting wisdom on those who need it most.
Or maybe you just like these things to blab on to strangers when you’re alone, wasted on the tube, and trying to find your way home.
Facts are still facts.

I’ve added some of the most fun facts that I could think of, to give you some info ammo to be able to impress even the most cautious person at your next event.

It’s always nice to surprise someone with some new tidbit of information to brighten up their day. Unless of course you are a doctor, then that information rarely brings joy with it.

Ready for some facts?

No Binos on the Titanic

One would think that on a maiden voyage of the biggest cruise ship in the world, that the deck hands would be equipped with something to tell them about the seas ahead.
Not on the Titanic.
Apparently, the crew had mistakenly believed that they had left the binoculars in the port Southampton, and didn’t even bother to look for the binoculars.
Imagine what they would have been able to see that night!?
An iceberg for starters.

Uterus Train

Trains were pretty new to people over a hundred years ago.
Not surprisingly, many people didn’t take to this new ‘technology’, and thought it would rob of us our humanity.
Where new technology goes, so do rumour.
In this case it was suggested that due to the speed of the trains, and the height that they covered over the ground…that poor women might be affected.
So worried in fact, that people suspected that a woman’s uterus could come flying clean out of her body with these new fangled machines.
Fortunately women did not lose their uterus’, but it did inspire a new legion of creeps who offered to ‘take care of the ladies unterus’ on the train.

Tortoise Tragedy

Oh those Greeks!
When they weren’t invented math, or science, they were coming up with excuses why grown men should be allowed to abuse children in the name of ‘nobility.’
Chalking up this one closer to the rumour section, it quickly spread throughout the old world.
It was also meant to inspire fear in bald men, that eagles might fly up to them and crack a turtle off their heads.

Morning Sunshine

The Kellogg family of Michigan were some wierdos.
The doctor of the family worried that sexuality was influencing our culture and in many ways making us immoral.
But if you ate your Cornflakes, you might not be as inclined to touch your pee-pee or who-ha.
What the hell did the Rice Krispy mascots symbolize then?

Dack Janiels

Jack Daniels love to drink. And drink a lot.
Drinking also makes you do stupid things…like kicking a heavy metal safe because you forgot the combination.
You then kick your toe so much it breaks and becomes infected…then you die.
If only Jack Daniels would have had something around the office which would have killed the infection and allowed the body to heal better….like alcohol .

I like fun facts, because they are fun.
Plus I am a pretty boring guy, so these are nice to share with people at a party before you bust out the crop-duster and spread the room with flatulence.
Fun fact.