March is finally here, whatever that means.
Another year, another March in lockdown.
Luckily the UK seems to be pushing our way through like a crowning baby.

To celebrate this birthing of freedom, I have included some nifty nuggets of knowledge to help you learn a few new things in these depressing times.
In fact, one of the few times my daughter will pay attention to me is when I offer up some salty facts that she can take back to school.

When I told her that dogs only poo in a north or south direction she was keen to investigate this. The dogs were less than impressed, and we have all seen a dog’s face when you watch it dump. That’s probably why they like to do it back to us.

Here are a few fun things to help you learn a bit more this week.

Migingo Island

Smack dab in the middle of Lake Victoria is the crowded island of Migingo. With a population of a whopping 131 people, the residents are literally stacked upon each other.
The island has been a source of tension between Kenya and Uganda since a villager first settled on the island in 1991.
What has followed has been fishing, fighting, and more fighting.
Territorial claims continue to rise for this tiny African island, and it’s only a matter of time before mother nature claims it for themselves.

Harpy Eagle

The Harpy Eagle is an endangered bird native to the rainforests of central and South America. Not only is it one of the largest eagles in the world, but it’s also the largest rainforest raptor in the world. The Harpy Eagle survives on a diet of most mammals and monkeys, but its safety is being threatened by the extinction of the Amazon?
A beautiful bird, and a wonderful species that needs our protection.
Plus, does this eagle remind you of a certain Muppet?

Uruguay is Hot

Tucked into the eastern middle of South America is the tiny country of Uruguay.
Not only were they the first World Cup winners, but the country was also the first to fully legalise drugs. It is said that the capital Montevideo has the most temperate climate of any city in the world, and is the best place to retire to.
The current leader of Uruguay is Luis Alberto Alejandro Aparicio Lacalle Pou a lawyer, and the youngest president in the country’s history.
He and his wife Lorena Ponce de Leon are not only a very glamourous couple, but avid surfers as well.
I need to go there.

Most Racist USA

When you think of America, you think of racism. But where pray tell is the most racist town in America?
That would be the town of Harrison, Arkansas.
Not only is this diabolical town home to the KKK…it…well, that should be enough-shouldn’t it?
Diversity is not encouraged, colour is an issue, and white is always right.
Sounds like a peachy place to visit doesn’t it?
If ignorance had it capital…it would be Harrison, Arkansas!

Robots on Mars

Robots have done what no human has yet to do…land on Mars.
2021 was a big year for the red planet, with 3 countries staking their claims to exploration of our neighbour.
Thanks to rapid advances in technology, we are now able to send bigger, smarter and more adaptable robots with each mission.
This is a great shot of Perseverance leaving Earth for the very last time.

Idiots Abound

I’ll just leave this here for you to digest. Morons abound everywhere.