Lockdown loneliness is a thing, which is why music is so important to get you out of that funk. What kind of tunes have you been listening to?
Many of my friends are always asking me to send them music, since that they know that I hate Spotify and refuse to use it. (I’m an artist-see what they pay & control).

Anywhoodles, I thought I would make another rocking playlist of potential to get you all ready for the eventual release of spring.
It looks like it is just around the corner, so get out those wellies for the ‘sploosh’ of good times.

In the last post I recommended a few new artists, who all happened to be ‘young-ish’ males.
As a counter to that one, I will include a whole bunch of ladies in this one, particularly since the hangover of Valentine’s Day lingers for some.
As a single, sober man, I don’t have to worry about any of that!

Hope-Arlo Parks

2021 is the year of Arlo Parks. This British born singer has been ripping it up with her new album ‘Collapsed in Sunbeams’.
At only 20 years old, Arlo represents a new brand of strong, female singer wongwriters.
Her love of poetry is obvious in her sublime lyrics, but it’s that powerful voice that draws you in.
Look out for Arlo Parks this year.

Tigress and Tweed-Andra Day

With the eminent release of the 2021 Hulu movie ‘The United States vs Billie Holiday’, award-winning singer Andra Day has released a sweet track ahead of the movie.
Holiday like many black singers was chased and harassed by the government for narcotics and subversion, a literal black stain on democracy in America.
I’m very much looking forward to the movie, and this soundtrack is going to be great.

Daylight Savings Time-Dizzy

It’s time for some Canadian content, which means say hello to Dizzy. This quartet from Oshawa (Toronto east) won a Juno award in 2019 for Indie rock.
These Canuckleheads continue to release more music with their 2020 album ‘The Sun and Her Scorch’, although touring looks a way off.
Way to go Dizzy, and Oshawa.
Here’s their lockdown video version.

Stargazing-The Neighbourhood

It’s always a good sign when an American band spells in the Queen’s English.
California formed ‘The Neighbourhood’ have been around as an Indie band since the early 2010s’, and have started to develop a solid following part in thanks to the sweet pipes of lead singer Jesse Rutherford.
‘Stargazing’ is a December 2020 release, which hopefully hasn’t been blasted on every North American radio station until ears bleed.
A great little listen.

Dreams-Chloe Moriondo

A teenage YouTuber? Doing a Fleetwood Mac cover? Really Wade?
Yes, but hear me out.
This Detroit teen is probably the best thing to come out of the Motor City since Matthew Stafford.
I generally hate YouTubers, covers of classic songs, and woke-jokes…but I do like this cover.

I will keep uploading music videos, even though I know that not a heck of a lot of people care.
What does matter sometimes if bragging rights however.
Many of my friends are keen to point out new music, even though I might have introduced them to it first.
Now I can simply point to this post and say with confidence ‘swing a bag of rancid dicks, I told you first.’