If music be the food of…blah blah blah.
What are some good tunes to get me through this crap?

Music like all live performances has been speed-bagged in the soft parts, but that doesn’t mean musicians have stopped making music.
While comedians are dying on their ass on Zoom gigs, and bagging groceries, musicians have been at home and practising their craft.
In fact, if you look at a lot of the more recent music videos, they are all show on Zoom with band mates contributing from around the world.

I’ve been quite flush with great music heading into 2021, alternating between new Indie faves, and some techno/ future pop/ what the hell is this.
Here are some of my faves to get you through February.

Death Cab for Cutie-Georgia Sessions

Ben Gibbard and the boys are back with a new album dedicated to their state of Georgia. They have compiled a great selection of songs from some of Georgia’s most prolific musical artists. REM and TLC get initial remakes, while Neutral Milk Hotel and others also appear on this 2021 album.
Even if you’re not from Georgia, you will appreciate the effort into making these uniquely DCfC sounding.

Dance Alone-Boy in Space

You like Swedish synth-pop Wade? A little. Boy in Space (aka Robin Lundback) is a teenage dream with a voice to match, even if it is dubbed and tweaked to digital heights.
Dance Alone is a fun, poppy song with some nice beats and riffs that make it a fashionable driving song. It’s also one of the songs I was able to play that my daughter was curious about.
That means I’m cool.

Going Out-Role Model

Role Model (aka Tucker Pillsbury) might be my favourite name conundrum I have ever heard. Seriously, why would you ever change your name from Tucker Pillsbury?
You’re pretty much guaranteed to corner the market on baked goods in your community.
Speaking of baked, Tucker is from Portland, which is evident in his laid back vocals, and too cool for school attitude. Look for big things from this kid.

What’s the Point-Beaux

Beaux is a UK based musician who has output drive of Lorde. This young man is not only prolific in chasing his sound, he is also able to put out some really fun tracks. ‘What’s the point’ is a fun, poppy, little ditty that shows just how far that Beaux has come, but where he is going. This Surrey pop prodigy will be headlining festivals in the next few years. Just wait.

Headlights-Charlie Cunningham

Another Englishman on my list is Charlie Cunningham, who makes some of my previous artists look like grandpa. 37 year old Cunningham is ancient compared to some of the other young artists, but he still delivers with soulful energy.
‘Headlights’ is a 2020 single from Charlie that really explores his vocal and writing range.
His voice is very ‘Passenger’-esque, and I am sure that we will be hearing a lot from Charlie in the future.

I will continue to keep uploading new tunes for you to discover.
There are oodles of great tunes that might have escaped your ears in 2020, let me help you find them.

Happy listening.