The world is full of knowledge, it all depends on how full your cup is! Are you ready for some more fun facts that will blow your brain? I’ve chosen a few fun facts here for you, so that you can regal folks at your next Zoom meeting-or even better a face to face greet up. Having a bucket full of triviodes is always a smooth way to impress your friends or strangers, so make sure you try to remember a few of these at your next function so that you too are the life of the party.


Have you ever seen the dapper looking lads from Africa all decked out in nice threads? Well those guys are called ‘Sapeurs’, and you can find these well dressed men in the Congo. Although these guys are considered ‘poor’, they spend their disposable income on fine looking clothing, and meet up together so that they can add a light of style to an other improverished nation. Got some nifty looking suits ready for the charity shop? Why not send them to the Capeurs next time.

Husky vs Malamute

Have you ever looked at a big, fuzzy dog & thought ‘is that a Husky or a Malamute’? Well if it’s bigger and has a larger head, it’s probably a North American Malamute. Many people might think that the Husky is a North American dog breed. They would be wrong.

Lockdown Haircut

It’s tough enough trying to get a decent haircut during the 2021 lockdown, but imagine how hard it might have been during the Spanish Flu of 1918. There were very stringent protocols back then, and most people obeyed by the rules. There might have been a few Karen’s back then, but chances are they died out pretty quickly.

15 a Day

Winston Churchill cut down to 15 cigars a day in an effort to stay healthy.  15. That’s almost one cigar per hour after breakfast, and that’s taking it easy. Rumours are that Winston was smoking over 30 cigars a day during the height of WW2. One can only imagine the stress that poor Winston was under fighting off nasty Adolf and the Gerry’s, but that’s a stogie too many.


Did you know that vanilla actually came from an orchid? This special little flower packs a punch with it’s bean pod centre, allowing all of us thankful humans a chance for vanilla flavouring. Oddly, it is the only orchid that we mass produce for food consumption, so thank the humble Vanila Planifola.


Have you ever looked at a mattress and wondered what size it is? Well thanks to this handy little diagram, you no longer have to wonder. If you’re looking to put a new bed in your place, this is all you need to figure out how to get a good nights rest. Take a look at that Alaskan King size bed, that bad boy would be the perfect buddy for lockdown.

That’s it for this installment of Fun Facts, I will have more of these popping up on the site throughout the year. Stay safe and sane everyone!
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