Ready to take a trip down memory lane?
Well it’s time for another one of my groovy quizzes, this time it’s the Nostalgia Quiz.
How much do you know about the past?

Can you get 20 out of 20 on this blast from the past?

It’s hard to believe that the 1980s’ started 40 years ago. Where did all of the time go?
To Facebook! That’s who stole our stinking time!
Let’s get ’em.

It’s hard to believe how simply we lived back in the ‘old days’.
Remember land line phones? The conversation only went as far as the cord.
Or ‘party lines’ where you would have to share¬† phone line with several neighbours, and your ring determined who the call was for.

Computers were a way different beast back in the day.
They would take ages to load up, and sometimes you needed to start it with the back-up off of another computer using a floppy disk.

Sure, things seemed less complicated then, food tasted better, alcohol was cheaper, you could smoke on planes…but it all got us here.

See how many questions you can get right here out of 20..& I’ll buy you a coke.

Stay safe.