Actor-Role Quiz

Pretty straight forward quiz for you, although I have to admit this one gets a bit tough because there is two parts to this quiz.

First you have to figure out who the actor is, then you have to guess the role. To figure that out, you need to know what the movie is.
Lots of moving parts. To best do this quiz, you might want to pause it to give people some time. If you want the answers, contact me.

Who is you favourite actor in a role?
Here are some of mine.

Steve McQueen-Lucas Jackson-Cool Hand Luke

The epitome of cool. This is my favourite movie and still holds up. I use it as a date ‘test movie’ to see if the gal is a keeper. McQueen’s don’t give a fluck attiude is sublime. He makes you love the guy, and feel bad about his miscarriage of justice. Big George is the perfect bad sidekick who you also love. A great movie and a perfect casting.

Sylvester Stallone-Rocky Balboa-Rocky 1-?

‘Yo Adrian’! Stallone is made, and created Rocky Balboa. A broke ass actor who wrote the script, had a vision and made it happen. Sure it got out of hand a few times, and his haymaker punches were a bit much…but Rocky! He could take more punches than Tina Turner after a great show, and still fight back to win our hearts and the title. Rocky rocks.

Patrick Stewart-Jean Luc Picard-Star Trek

Sure this started on tv, but he has made Picard beamed to the big screens for some epic movies. Whether it’s facing off against the Borg queen, helping Kirk off a desert planet or finding out Tom Hardy was his son-Picard was there. He is one of my favourites for his character, determination, class, vision, humility and honour. He is a true mentor.

So take this quiz and see how many you get right out of 20. Play it a few times for maximum pleasure. Subscribe, share, adn get in touch for the answers.