Everybody’s Lonely indeed. But this band makes the thought of isolation seem toe-tapping.
Let me introduce you to one of my fave bands, Jukebox the Ghost.
Kicking since 2003, they first came onto my radar around 2008 with ‘Long Live the Ghosts.’
A 3 piece power pop band from Washington.
TBH, I had no idea there was something called ‘power pop’ until they claimed it.
Then I investigated further and decided ‘power pop’ was one of my fave kind of music to walk to.

What struck me about them was how pumpy, energetic, and imaginative their lyrics and bounce was.
The album had a real earnest about it.
‘Good Day’ was nice because it was a great intro to the album.

2012 was the year I was introduced to ‘Someday‘. It had a really cool, simple video, and it made me want to dance.
I am pretty simple these days in music. I like stuff to get me grooving.
This song has that.


Their self titled ‘Jukebox the Ghost‘ in 2014 showcased some of their real yet to be gems.
Hollywood is a soulful little diddy that gets into your shoes.

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This song ‘Fred Astaire’ is a particular fave because it annoys my daughter when I sing it.
Like REALLY annoys her.
But I love the message that you can just dance, screw it all and go with the flow.

I wish it paid better.


Is another popular song, although I wouldn’t rank it amongst their best.
They try to capture the ‘Buble’ factor, but it still remains one of the songs that got them from weddings to mainstream.
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