Caddyshack is one of the all time classic comedy movies.

What makes it great is the genius script, talented cast, and frivolity of the 80s.
Let’s be honest, there is no way that film could get made today.
Gratuitous titties, poop jokes, child abuse, animal abuse & racist gags.
Isn’t it great?

What is fun for me is the lingering tension behind the set.
Bill Murray & Chevy Chase HATED each other after SNL, and the subtle ‘screw you’ can be felt when Ty’s ball lands in Carl’s domain, the game is afoot.

Rodney Dangerfield was at his best in this one.
Al’s off the cuff riffs make it such a delight, because you know that Rodney probably improvised most of them.

Take the quiz and see how you shoot.
Will ‘Noonan’ be screamed in your ear, or can you focus ‘nananananana’?

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