It was only a matter of time before AI tried its hand at stand-up comedy.
Some of the worst actors and musicians of our time have all fancied themselves to be ‘comedians’, so why not let your PC try to make the world laugh.

As part of its horrendous, new comedy festival, Netflix has commissioned an AI to perform a stand-up comedy routine to promote their upcoming specials.
Fortunately the AI is about as bad of a joke teller as some of the comedians on the special are.

While some people might be quick to counter that I am ‘bitter’ that I did not get a special, please be assured I wouldn’t have accepted one in our current ‘woke’ world anyway.

Netflix has a habit of choosing the ‘safe’, ‘clean’, and ‘boring’ comedians of the world, preferring to tickle the rainbow of ‘identities’ rather than reward some of the truly amazing comedians of the world who will never see the light of TV, simply because they are ‘old’.

Ageism is horrendous and is one of the most discriminating thing in the comedy industry today.

On the flip side, many production companies, talent agencies, and TV networks have an Epstein like fascination with getting them as young as possible to milk all the talent out of them.

As someone who frequently found new comedians for these types, I was often told that ‘funny isn’t everything’ if the person was young, and relatively good looking.
It was a bonus if they weren’t that bright, as they were going to be hit with a whack of agreements and forms, and they don’t like fighters.

If I could groom this young talent to make them more lucrative, I could receive a bonus.

Look around on the TV today, and you’ll see that is still the norm.

AI comedy and comedians will be on our way soon.
In our lifetime we will see a virtual comedian whose jokes are written by humans, getting bigger followings that real people.

And the sad thing is, none of us will really care.

Here’s the AI comedy!