Are you a human?
Do you worry that your human rights are being eroded?
Have you seen the plight of other humans on this planet and thought ‘that’s not right!’
Well then you might be a human rights junkie.

If you are, then you will get a kick out of the NEW podcast I host, called ‘The Good, The Rights, and the Ugly’ for the International Observatory of Human Rights.

Each week, we look at a human rights question in the news.
I am joined by a panel of experts, and those with experience to discuss these issues from all sides.

Thus far we have tackled issues such as ‘What are Human Rights’, ‘Mideast Elections’, the erosion of freedom of press in Eastern Europe, Uighurs, and the invasion of Chinese spying technology.
Are human rights on this planet getting better or worse?

The podcast is available on all major podcasting streamers, here is a link to the website.

If you want to find the podcast on iTunes, here is a direct link.

There are some great new episodes coming out in the next few weeks, including an episode where I talk to Canadian MPP Sol Mamakwa about Canadian native issues, and the treatment of first nations peoples by the Canadian government.
You might find the whole thing a bit shocking.

Please do listen to the podcast, and do your part to learn more about the human rights issues affecting us all.
The rich are getting richer, companies are taking over more of the planet’s resources, your rights matter.