OK, so I kind of slipped up in posting about some of my fave tunes for April, so I am going to add a few in here for your consideration.

Lockdown has been a dick punch for many artists, performers, and bands. Like comedians, not only do they not have an audience to perform for, but nowhere to jam to get ready for liver performances once again.
Unlike comedians, they don’t have to do as many soul destroying Zoom gigs as we do.

So here are some of the top songs I found for the month of April. Do make sure that if you like the songs that you support these artists by buying their album or tracks directly from them.
I’m not a huge Spotify fan, and prefer the direct to artist route.
Don’t even get me started on Live Nation.

Sad Night Dynamite-Smoke Hole

This young, UK duo has tickled my fancy with this song ‘Sad Night Dynamite.’ Just when you think the song is taking you one way, it rips you around to somewhere different.
Great beats, rockin’ riffs and exceptional talent from this UK partnership, who you will be hearing loads from in 2021.
The stop motion animation video is tres cool as well.

I Lied-Lord Huron ft Allison Ponthier

Lord Huron has been on the Indie music scene for almost a decade. Founder Ben Schneider has a musical world traveler, leaving his home on Michigan for France, and then eventually LA.
They have emerged on the scene as a soulful band, with reaching lyrics.
This new 2021 single featuring the magical voice of Allison Ponthier is a perfect track for either driving down that highway, making yourself a cocktail, or making yourself a cocktail as you drive down the highway.
It’s also a fun little video as well.

Supersonics-Caravan Palace

Yes, the video is what drew me in first. This French techno band from the heart of Paris has always had a knack for releasing toe-tapping, get you off your ass tunes.
The band goes all the way back to the early 2000s, proving that French techno bands usually stay together than other foreign techno bands.
There’s a bit of Blur in here, and some other bands I am continuing to put my finger on.
Until then, just dance along.


AJR is possibly my fave band of 2021. Formed of brothers ‘Adam, Jack & Ryan’ Met, these bro’s are unloading on the year with some out of this world music.
They rock, they roll, they’re funny.
‘Bang’ is a song that when I first heard it, I needed to hear it again…a few times.
They have now started to explode in North America, which is good for them…not so much for music snobs like me.

Learn to Lose-Bakermat ft Alex Clare

Bakermat is a Dutch house DJ who has touched many forms of music across Europe. Alex Clare is an English singer who isn’t really a household name or on too many playlists.
But put these two together, and you get a rocking track to kick up 2021 a notch.
This pumpy little track will surely be making it’s way to a commercial, movie trailer, or Tik Tok video very soon.
The animation in the video is also pretty cute.


Indie music fans may have heard Grandson before. His real name is Jordan Edward Benjamin, and this young Canadian has been rapping, ripping and dropping hits for the past few years.
‘Dirty’ is a rambunctious, and shoulder popping new beat for 2021.
If you are driving when you are listening to this, you will end up cranking it for all the stoplights to hear.

Get High-Chet Faker

Chet Faker sounds like a cheesy porn name. So when you find out he’s from Australia, it all starts to make sense.
With the pot holiday of 420 being celebrated every April, this song was sent out to a few of my friends as an anthem for their much deserved holiday.
I was later told by a friend that this song played in Hyde Park in London on their portable speaker and got a crowd dancing to it.
Job done.

2021-Vampire Weekend

Who could sum up the shit show that is 2021 better than the darling of the indie music world, Vampire Weekend. This song slowly builds into a brilliant frustration of the year, of the challenges and the people.
When your thoughts turn to murdering everyone on the planet, put on this song and just drive into a cornfield.
Much less damage to the planet.