Many people have been asking what happened to the fun, free pub quizzes I was releasing on my YouTube channel.
In short 2020 happened.
Although my gumption was propelling me to create a new video every day, sadly I needed to make some cash and deal with work stuff.
Even during the end of the world, we still all have to eat.

Now that the world seems to be opening up, and normalcy is replacing the new normal, it’s time to get back to quizzing.

Help the Pubs

Some of the hardest hit businesses from this whole pandemic has been the pubs and bars that served us so many lovely drinks and good times.
As a quizmaster, I work in many London & UK pubs and it’s distressing to see so many people in need and struggling to get their businesses back in action.
Government advice has been less than clear, and in many ways has hindered the return of so many independent pubs.

To help out my friends in the pub, bar and restaurant trade, I offer you all a FREE pub quiz to play in your bar.
Just pop this video on, give your teams some pieces of paper and a pen, and you’re ready to rock.

How to Play

There are 40 questions in the quiz, for a total of 58 points.
All you have to do is watch the video and play along.

The questions are set for a minute each, meaning that you should be able to play them casually as you would in a pub setting.
Like in ANY quiz, don’t use your phone.
It’s a douche-nozzle move and cheaters never prosper…they just enter politics.

You will know when the question is over when the music ends. Read the clues carefully and make sure you study the pictures when needed.

Have a watch, a play and a share. I will have a few more of these up soon.


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