Lockdown might be fleeting, but great music lasts forever.
Who I am kidding-lockdown does feel like it will last forever.
No pandemic has lasted less than 5 years, and if we think that a vaccine made in 5 weeks is going to stop  a virus that is still evolving, we’re crazier than all your friends on Facebook.

Speaking of Facebook, had I put this statement on my page-every asshat & their uncle would give their 2 cents and dried splooges of wisdom.
That’s why I am writing on my website more, because I don’t have to listen to your bitching. Facebook is a gaping anus of filth. The less you get involved, the better you’ll feel.
Rant aside.

It’s all about the music baby, and this week I have a few more ditties that have been recently released for your listening pleasure.
As a music nerd, I like to here great stuff the day/week it is released, which gives me a chance to preview albums and give tracks a proper listen.

Lockdown has forced many of these great artists and bands to record and perform at home, virtually, or to little or no audience. As a comedian, I can attest this sucks and is no good. You need real people to offer feedback, as well as hum to the rhythm like the electrical beasts that we are.
Live music will return, what it will look like is anyone’s guess.

Here are some great tracks to help you pop along this week. It’s a veritable mixture for your listening pleasure.

Saint Motel-Feel Good

Saint Motel has rocked out some great hits in the past few years, and this LA based group shows no signs of stopping. Their previous album was played repeatedly in my casa, and instantly became ‘Shazamed’ by friends who wanted to take this band home with them.
Their new song ‘Feel Good’ is in the new Netflix film ‘Yes Day’, which looks like a ‘No No’ in my future viewing.
As much as I love Jennifer Garner and her pokey cheek bones, the movie looks like it’s the perfect sauce for rotten tomatoes.
The song however, is peppy and fun.

Blinding Light-X Ambassadors

You gotta love a great acoustical version of a dance song. It takes a proper artist and singer to pull it off, as so many people try-and very few can pull it off. X Ambassadors definitely nail this cover of the smash hit from The Weeknd.
X Ambassadors are a soft rock band from Ithaca, New York who have been slowly filling our ear drums with consistently good indie rock as of late.
‘Blinding Light’ is quite apt for X Ambassadors, as member Casey Harris is legally blind. To me, blind musicians are so much cooler-because they have to learn so much more, and their ears become an even more finely tuned instrument.
A totally fantastic acoustic cover.

Take Me Out to Town-Matt Berninger

If you’re an indie music fan, it’s easy to recognize the baritone voice of singer Matt Berninger. As lead singer of ‘The National’, you have probably either cuddled, cried or comforted someone with their heavily paced lyrics.
Matt goes solo in 2020 with ‘Serpentine Prison’ which highlights his lovely vocals.
Will the album is more hit and miss than a ‘The National’ album, it’s nice to hear Berninger stretch himself as a solo artist. He taps into some great orchestra in this track as well.
Well worth listening and supporting this fantastic artist!

Don’t Tell the Boys-Petey

When I first heard this song by ‘Petey’ the first blast to my brain was ‘who the hell is this guy?’
Loads of personality, funny lyrics, a raspy voiced, musical bag of fun.
And it turns out he’s also a Chicago Bears fan, which means we can share the same man-drama.
(See ya Trubisky!)
After hearing this song, I went and found even more Petey songs.
Same attitude…same amount of fun put into each song.
Let Petey glide you into 2021. Just relax. The video’s pretty ace too.

I’m Sorry-Peach Tree Rascals

If you only like bands who became famous for being popular because they became a hit on Tik Tok, then you might love Peach Tree Rascals.
If you think Tik Tok is a weird fad, and that some musicians might not benefit from it at all…you might also like PTR.
The band became TT famous last year after their hit song ‘Mariposa’ blew up on the app.
Peach Tree Rascals are a San Jose band who just keep on keeping on.
‘I’m Sorry’ by the collective is not only a toe-tapping song, it’s a pretty cool video as well.
Make sure you check out more of their songs.

Those are all the songs for this week.
Make sure that you support independent musicians and artists.
The music industry is a big machine that likes to run down the little guy.
You can help the little guy by buying their music.
It’s fun, and you get to feed artists!
What a great cause.