When’s the last time someone burned you? Not physically, but mentally torched your soul with a putdown so severe, your friends contemplated calling in the burn unit?

As a comedian, I have had the privilege of scorching idiots in the crowd who want their ego stroked by yelling out something asinine.
These warriors are often off their heads on something, and fail to realise that only the people immediately around them can hear them. The other people on the far side of the room only hear some jackass disrupting the show.
Shouters think that they can disrupt a comic to hog all the glory, but without a microphone, they don’t get very far.

Comedy training allows you to hang these frauds by using the power of the mike, and the crowd to shut them up.
Firstly, you need to repeat what idiotic thing that they said so that the rest of the crowd to hear it. Not only does this allow the comedian to control the narrative, but also give them some time to think of a proper burn.
Great comics not only have a wealth of burns already in their lexicon, but the best are able to rip a moron to shreds just by looking at them.

Which is why I love the hashtag #RoastMe.
People submit a picture of themselves with a brief caption and the tag #Roastme, to give the world free reign to rip apart their very being.
Some of the insults are pretty standard, but then there are those insults that hit so hard, you can’t help but join in the laughter.

Comedy Roast Battles themselves are pretty lame.
American roasts tend to be better, as the comedians have no problem shredding someone so hard that they question being born.
British roasts on the other hand are so tame, that they feel lame and sad comparatively.

Here are some roast images that I found. Please scroll through them and enjoy.
Thankfully there are still some truly funny and mean-spirited people left in the world.
Rock on with your bad self.