It’s time for some new tunes to get you through the spring.
Lockdown is about to end in the UK, which means it’s time to start getting those playlists ready for the popping and locking that follows in the sunny days to follow.

Sunday Sunshine-Young Rising Sons

A relatively unheard band (unless you live in New Jersey), Young Rising Sons have launched this title track for their new album. It’s always tough to try to release any new music during a pandemic, but YRS do a great job with a very peppy beat.
Since leaving Interscope records, the band has experimented with a few different sounds, but this new single sounds like that they are finally pushing in the right direction to popular song play.
A nifty little 2021 track.

Growing Up-Cinders

Lockdown has been tough on all artists, which is why those who innovate during the downtime are truly inspirational.
Salt Lake City formed ‘Cinder’ have released a playful new single called ‘Growing Up’, which plays to their strengths of being a ‘rowdy acoustic pop’ band.
What’s really great here is the music video, which was obviously made during the duress of lockdown.
As a lover of stop motion animation, ‘Growing Up’ is deffo one I should to my kid.

Live Learn and Forget-Nada Surf

Nada Surf as in the band from the 90s’ who sang ‘Popular’?
Yep. This American alternative rock band has been pushing out a steady stream of hits since then, although many people haven’t seemed to notice.
Friends who come to my house will invariably be subjected to a ‘guess who this is’ game, where I play a Nada Surf tune and then force you to try to remember this iconic 90s band.
Lead singer Matthew Caws has an unforgettable voice, and the band really rocks the crap out of this song.

California Girl-Cayucas

The Yudin brothers have been on my musical radar since I first heard them perform as ‘Oregon Bike Trails’, as well as opening for Ra Ra Riot in 2013.
What I love about Cayucas is that the music evolves with every release.
Not only has their songwriting gone from strength to strength, but the vocals of Zach Yudin have been maturing as well.
California Girl is a 2020 release that has already made it to a few of my playlists.


As a Canadian, I am always prone to shouting about the artists from my home and native land. It’s REALLY tough being an artist in Canada, because if you’re there and doing it, Canadians often ask ‘if you’re so good-why aren’t you in America?’
That’s right, we like to shoot ourselves in the feet so we can no longer walk.
Valley is one of my fave bands of the past year, with an incredible selection of tunes on their ‘Sucks to See you Doing Better’ album in 2020.
I have quite a few Valley songs on my decks, and after listening to them, you will too.


That’s some fun songs to tide you over for the beginning of March.
I will also put up some other playlists to think about if you are looking to rock out your next outdoor fiesta.
Concerts will be back in due course, until then…be prepared to rock out your garden.

Let’s do this 2021!