Do you like pub quizzes and fun facts? Then you’re in the right place for that! My UK Pub Quiz Facebook page is full of fun daily facts, and things that will continually amaze you. As of right now the fans are pretty sparse, so just a like a lookie or anything to comment would be great.

There aren’t too many resources for fun daily facts, so I am hoping to alleviate that with a page full of fun wonders. Among some of the fun facts that you’ll get from this page includes:

Rainbow Connection

If you’re going to go into a hostage situation, you have to have your demands ready right? Not this Kiwi bloke, who hijacked a radio station and had a simple demand…play ‘Rainbow Connection’ nonstop. They did just that, until he was arrested.

Know your Bolts

It’s always hard to know which bits are bolts when it comes to DIY. Our parents never had YouTube, so it’s thanks to handy little meme guides like this that can help you remember which bolt is which.

Cornflake DNA

Humans are beautiful and wondrous creatures, some even old us as divine. So it’s really creepy when you discover that the DNA of a Cornflake is significantly bigger than ours. Like WAAYYY bigger. We created it, it’s our morning monster now. Eat up, they’re good for you.

No One Knows You’re Gone

The scariest feeling in the world would be to be held captive against your will, and no one knows or cares that you’re gone. Sadly that is the fate of thousands of people right now. Like right now someone is literally hoping that you will recognize their plight and help them. But we have no idea who they are, or where they are. Glad it’s not you?

Bully Dogs

What type of dog is really a ‘bull dog’ and what do they look like? Well thanks to this handy little image you can impress your friends at the next doggy park meetup. Make sure that you stay safely away from the person when offering the advice, Airdrop works in a pinch.

Gorilla Gorilla Gorilla

Be the next Jane Goodall with this fun fact about the lowland gorilla. That’s right, it’s original name was ‘gorilla gorilla gorilla’, which is also probably the last thing someone said before it jumped on them & ripped them apart. Seriously, leave the gorillas alone. People who kill or eat gorillas should be held globally on par with the person that invented the Covid virus.

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