Ok, so I’m back with some more great songs I found in 2020, and I thought I would add them to another post about the Best Songs 2020. This bunch of songs has a bit more hip hop and pep to it than some of my other indie fave songs. The reason for this is pretty simple, I’m a walker and I love to be able to throw on song tunes that make me climb that hill. Truth be told I rarely listen to tunes when I walk, as I prefer headphones is to keep the wierdos out. It is 2021 after all.

All That-Emotional Oranges

This LA trio is a trip hop trip across the desert of fun. They’ve been out for a few years but his song is nice to get you kicking and ready to hit the scene. If there ever is going to be a scene that is.

Let’s Go!-Dance System + India Jordan

Wow! This is one fun and peppy song. It reminds me a lot of some of those fun dance tracks from the 90s that got you off your seat on onto the beach for some fun in the sun. When I first heard this track I couldn’t believe that it came out in 2020. Put this one on loud and let ‘er rip.

No Doubt-Griz

Ok, this song isn’t for many, and loads of you might actually find this annoying. Pop culture fans might be able to hear Officer Barbrady from South Park in this rollicking techno feast of sounds. There are some really good rips here, and you’ll probably hear this track in future commercials in 2021. Again, not for everyone, but it grows on me. Can you hear Denzel?


Lovers of this Aussie dance trio will know this track right away. A nice little addition to the tail end of 2020, ‘Lucky’ has a nice high pitched vocals on top on a groovy foot turner. This is a fantastic song to put on any playlist, and even your kids might surprised how hip this is.

Cowboy in LA-LANY

LANY is a cool band from LA via Nashville. They put an album out at the end of the year and the tracks are just starting to trickle out, and ‘Cowboy in LA’ is deffo one that I have really enjoyed. It’s not as pumpy as some of the previous tracks I shared with you above, but it still will get you moving.

Creep-R3hab & Gattuso

A classic Radiohead gets an Eastern European remake in a song that I wouldn’t normally touch, but these foreign DJs have really made a nice little version here. It’s paced nicely and has helped me through some kitchen cleaning sessions mostly because I can keep up singing with the girls. Give it a listen, especially the way she says ‘weirdo’.

That’s it for this music session, my dog is getting pissed at me for typing so long. What is it about dogs and this lockdown? They really think that we gave up our jobs just so that we can take care of them? Selfish.