I’m a big music geek. Loads of my friends get a yearly dose of the best songs I collect and curate over the year, and I whack them all with a wicked playlist of my fave ditties for a year. This year was a tough one for everyone, and one when music was locked down just like the rest of us. Luckily, we had some great songs that took us through the year of Covid, the changes, the losses, and the luck that we have all had to be healthy and alive.

Hopefully some of these songs will give you a little boost-a-roo and put a pump in your step.

Lockdown-Anderson Paak

This US rapper laid it down beautifully in this track ‘Lockdown’. This California smoothy hits this 2020 track with a rap track from a black perspective. If anything that white people should have learned, is that it’s time to listen. I could listen to this track all day.

The World is Mine-Samm Henshaw

Samm Henshaw is a wonderfully talented British musician with a backlog of great tracks you’ve probably never heard before. ‘The World is Mine’ is the title track for the new Amazon series ‘Alex Rider’, which was coincidentally mostly shot in my local village of Crouch End. This track is such a pumper, and sure to ride high all the way into 2021 as the show gains more popularity.

The Sun is Up Forever-Joesef

Joesef is an exciting new singer from the east end of Glasgow. This 24 year old had a heck of a year in 2020, and could have benefited from a UK tour which would have gained even more exposure. The kid looks like an even younger Sam Smith, and he has a voice that just takes you on an easy listening journey. He will be HUGE. You heard it here.


Mosss is an LA based producer that reeks of being a trust fund kid who set up his own studio in the valley. I’m not sure of any of that, but he does have a slick sound and the whole new album is pretty good for a studio session. IDK is a nice song for driving, dancing, cooking and smiling.

So We Won’t Forget-Khruangbin

2020 was definitely a great year for Khruangbin. This Texas trio with their global soul, have captivated the world on their latest album ‘Mordechai.’ What a beauty throughout the whole thing, I would recommend that you listen to it in its entirety to get a feel for what this band is doing. This song is so melodic and enchanting, you just sink right into it. Such a great song.

That’s it for the song selection in this chunk, I’ll offer a few more forums for my best songs of 2020.