Cameron Diaz. The object of my 90s crush, and a truly magnetic Hollywood star.
But how much do you really know about her?
Can you name some of the biggest movies she has been in?
Then take my Cameron Diaz quiz and see how many of her films you can name.

Cameron burst onto the 90s like the internet, captivating everyone across the planet with those deep blue eyes, silly laugh and beaming smile.
I remember first seeing her in ‘The Mask’ and thinking ‘uh oh, I might have a new crush here.’

Cameron has gone on to have a stellar movie career, and recently celebrated the birth of her first child with one of the Madden kids or whatever.

Here are some of the movies that she stunned me in

There’s Something About Mary

Wow! What a role, what a movie. This was one of the biggest movies of the 1990s’, and brought with with some iconic movie lines like ‘We got a bleeder.’ She was charming in the titular role as Mary, and endeared us even more with her demeanour as ‘one of the guys’ type of girls. The scene where she was banging golf balls still sticks with me as a dream crush. Sexy, funny, and a great showcase of Brett Farve’s acting skills.

Any Given Sunday

The owner of the Miami Sharks is fierce and feisty. She really nails this role as tough woman who has no problem stepping into the locker room of an NFL team to shake some fear into the naked men in attendance. Al Pacino and Jamie Foxx are a great sounding board for her acting skills, making this movie another true 90s treat.

Bad Teacher

Who wouldn’t want a teacher like Cameron Diaz? She is fantastic in this role as a loose and limber teacher who doesn’t GaF, so long as it doesn’t involve the new hot teacher. She has great comedic timing in this role and her comedy chops come out in full force. A great movie to watch with the kids.

So how many do you think you can get right in this quiz?
I have included the answers below so that you can see how many you get right.