What do you know about the great Denzel Washington?
A hell of an actor, cool guy, and bonafide legend.
But how many of his movies can you name?

Take my tough as nuts quiz and see how many films you can guess correctly out of 20? I have included the answers below so that you can see how many you got right.
Denzel has had so many iconic film roles, and his legacy as a movie star is ground breaking and empowering.
He has so many roles that showcase his stealy determination, wit, focus and ability to overcome anything.

Here are a few of my favourite films he has done.

Training Day

Gritty and raw as he breaks Ethan Hawke into a virginity breaking police shift on LA’s mean streets. Washington is fierce as bad cop gone worse and makes you hate, fear and admire him in 90 minutes. This is a good hangover movie, if you still get those.


Denzel as an alcoholic, dirty, but awesome pilot. Airplane movies usually lose me with realism in most cases, but as many pilot friends would attest, this was a realistic portrayal. How he finds his inner hero amongst the chaos is a truly amazing transformation to watch. He digs deep and delivers. Great performance. Great date movie.

The Hurricane

The story of Rueben ‘Hurricane’ Carter resonates with many Canadians, as he chose to settle there after his release. Denzel captures the futility of a once great champion taken down by racial intolerance in a shameful age. I also like it because some of it was shot in Toronto, and some of my friends are in it. Small parts, big appreciation. Afternoon-make the kids watch it movie.

Man on Fire

My fave Denzel movie, as my Cresy Bear takes on the flucking Mexican cartel, and wins.
Dakota Fanning is so cutey charming in a big role for such a small girl. Her chemistry with Denzel captures your heart, then makes you want to watch him reign fire on the evil of the south. I have watched this dozens of times, and if I ever breeze by and catch it on the telly, the remote goes down and the jammie pants go on. Plans have been cancelled. Anytime movie.

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