Best Movies 2019 Quiz

What were the best movies of 2019? If you ask me, the best were not totally included in this list.
But some lefty, UK newspaper complied their list of the best flicks form the year, so I gracefully absconded them and made them into a quiz.
How many of these top 20 can you name?

It’s always very subjective crating these lists because art and money mix to create a skewed list where the critics ignore some of the biggest successes. As for my faves of 2019.

Marriage Story

A stellar performance from Scarlett, Adam, & Laura Dern in an emotional ripping saga of a couple splitting up. Bittersweet for me, as it echoes many of the same experiences that I went through in the same predicament. It is a simple yet raw film that draws you into the futility of the system and vultures of law who always get involved in the end, no matter how good your intentions are. Both deserve Oscar nods, but Laura Dern will probably get one for her charismatic portrayal. Ray Liotta was pretty dang snaky too.


What everyone else says. It’s good. Joaquin Phoenix is perfect in the role, and takes the comedy up to 100 with his vivid imagining of Fleck. It pays homage to Scorscesi, probably because he hand an initial hand in it. The comedy is good, but it was one of those that didn’t blow me away because I saw it after the social hype reactions online. Good film.

Avengers: Endgame

Has to be on here. While it was a less thrilling ride than Infinity War, it was a fantastic conclusion to a universe of films. The way Marvel was able to link the stories then finish them so perfectly was a pure joy to watch. It was one of those films I knew I had to watch several dozen times after because it was so damn CGI joyful. The final battle scene has been amplified to room shaking levels as I regale in Thanos kicking ass, then getting his kicked. What the hell was Mantis doing on the field though? What is she going to do to The Maw? Or a battle cat thing? Great film.

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