Economics…blah blah blah.
If you’re a brokeass like me, watching the economy or making frugal economic decisions is not even warranted, when you have no money that get in the game.
It’s why when I read the newspaper (oldie!) I see things like ‘Business’ ‘Homes’ ‘Lifestyle’, and realize that these parts will never been for me.

As a human, I recognize that our system is fundamentally flawed. We are all selfish little water-monkeys spinning around the sun around 75 times each, before we rot and replenish. One would think we would formulate a system of egalitarianism, where we can share the bounty of the global harvest. But no, we all enter a ‘race’ to grab as much stuff as possible before our expiration date, knowing full well that these artificial symbols don’t bring us emotional joy, and they don’t satisfy the needs of the masses.

I find it funny who vigilant people get online when discussing party politics. With each faction hammering each other on values, morals, and spending, they seem like they are actually on our side. When let’s be honest they are not.

What sides are there really? Let’s talk rich vs poor.
Not ‘my uncle owns a Kia dealership’ rich, 1% rich.
Chances are you have never even met a true 1%er. It is estimated that the truly RICH on this planet numbers around 3000 people/ families.
Their combined wealth dwarfs that of everyone else on the planet, including your uncle with the Kia dealership.
No one really talks about this though.

If only 3000 people controlled the fate and feeding of an entire planet, you would think more people would react violently and want to know who these people are, and how we get that money. But no. Because they hide behind Panama Papers of wealth, a litany of lawyers, and ex-military protection. Some of these families have held this wealth and power for centuries. How likely do you think they are to let loose the grasp on the reins?

This video does a great job of illustrating how the economy works, and who it works for.

It is a 30 minute video, but well worth it.