Arnold Schwazenegger, everyone’s true action hero.
But he is more than that.
An entrepreneur who build up his body building to leave Austria. A visionary, for seeing that an accent and a weird name are an asset, not a liability. A humanitarian, for his aid to charity around the world, and his devotion to the Special Olympics. A leader, he was the gosh darn Governor of California!

So how many of his movies do you know?

How many can you get right out of 20?
Gotta be honest here, this one is kind of tough.
You will need to watch this bad boy at least 5 times before you can get 18, & then you might have to Google it.
Or can you surprise me?
Can you make me proud & get a perfect score.

How do you get that score?
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I ain’t that huge..yet!

Arnie has had some great movies. They have profoundly shaped my life with their awesomeness.
He was my action hero growing up.
Plus he got to get close to Alyssa Milano, and that made it boner-ific.

Terminator 1984

That’s him. That’s the guy. Any Terminator movie made without AS is BS. Why would you do that. I didn’t see the latest one (yet), but I expect trite. Yeah, we’re all equal. The future killing machine is down with gender justice.
The first Terminator scared the shit out of me. I loved it.
It had a visceral joy of smashing and sci-fi.
I wanted him to be my dad.
Future dad.
I love my dad.

Total Recall 1990

I am a huge sci-fi nut and I had already read the book before this movie came out.
In hindsight the FX might look cheesy, but back in the day-it was so crazy amazing you couldn’t believe it.
I also took a lot of heat for a bit over the ‘start the reactor Quaid’.
Apparently, some of my friends thought it would be quirky to call it ‘start the reactor Wade’ whenever I was attempting to chat up a female.
Love the movie though, and the 3 titted girl changed my thoughts on tits as an adolescent.

Twins 1988

I saw this in the theatre when I was 16. There wasn’t much to do in Kitchener Ontario, Canada. We didn’t drink, smoke pot, but we drank a lot of Coke. Coca Cola. A lot. The Jolt came out.
I saw this movie with my buddies Mike & Matt. I remember this fondly because we all found it freaking hilarious back in the dizzle, and it still holds up.
The charming pairing of Arnie & Danny Devito is magnetic.
They ‘say’ that there is a new version coming out in 2021.
I guess we can all wait in baited breath.

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