What are the biggest movie flops of all time? Sure we can the John Carter’s & Waterworld’s, but were they actually the biggest movie flops of all time? Surprisingly no. It all comes down to after sales and foreign markets.
John Carter did well after, and particularly in Asia but it did stink up the box probably because it should have been an R movie.
I mean if I was a renegade outlaw from the west transported to a future with ultimate strength, I would swear it up.
Beat the crap out of aliens and desecrate their being.
That’s just me.

Monster Trucks
Monster Trucks?
WTF was that?
I never saw it, but all of the info I need points to trash bag Sinatra’s. (pop culture reference).

The Lone Ranger
The Lone Ranger might as well been called ‘Johnny Depp Smoke Peyote with Natives’, because he looked like he was ‘in character’ the whole film. Heck, Charlie Sheen played a lothario playboy on tv, then got AIDS. It’s ok, money fixes that now.

Stealth is a hoot, because it seems like a movie written by children. As if studio execs said ‘screw it’, & let their snotty kids slither out a tripe bash of bad acting. Many children’s plays are better than Stealth. Many.

Pluto Rash
Pluto Nash is proof that Eddie Murphy didn’t give a flock about Hollywood. He did a movie his kids would like, but no one else.
It should be called ‘Pluto Rash’ because you want to watch the badness.

Mars Need Moms, King Arthur & that horrible 13th Warrior all feature in this list of gristle. Shameful films made by idiots. Sometimes it’s nice to say ‘screw you’ in this business, and it’s good to know a moron got fired.

Ok. So how many can you get out of 20? I’ll post the answers later

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