I haven’t seen Joker….yet.
Combine a busy schedule, live streaming at home Netflix, and not being one of those ‘jump on the hype’ guys, I have yet to go watch it.
Ok-full disclosure-I am waiting until my local theatre brings back their ‘unemployed/ self-employed discount.’

I haven’t seen SNL for years as well.
When I do have the opportunity to see it, I am always saddened that had THAT much time to make THAT show.
It’s 90 minutes of hit and miss, with even some of the funniest elements have been chewed down.
Does comedy get stomped on that quickly?

This sketch ‘Grouch’ however is a lovely parody/ origin story starring David Harbour from Stranger Things.
What really sells it is how they are able to reflect the Sesame Street characters into origin-esque back stories.
If not just to see Snuffy pimping out Big Bird.