Yo Adrian!

What do you know about Hollywood icon Sylvester Stallone?
Can you name a whack of his movies based on a picture?

Go full ‘Rambo’ on this movie trivia round and see how many you can get out of 20.

Sly aka (Sylvester Gardenzio Stallone) was born in New York, and epitomizes Hollywood hard work, busting his ass as a writer, actor and producer.

Did you know that Stallone was also an accomplished painter? His oil paintings have fetched top dollar, with two of them being auctioned for over $90,000!

He has also turned down some notably big roles in his acting career as well.
Including: Superman, which ended up going to Christopher Reeve. Can you really picture Sylvester being the man of steel?
He also turned down the lead in ‘Pretty Woman’ which Richard Gere ended up playing.
One of the biggest leads he turned down? Beverly Hills Cop.
Wait, what?
Yep, he turned down the lead of Axel Foley that ended up being an Eddie Murphy franchise.
What would that have even looked like anyway?

Enjoy the quiz.

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